A week-long competition, that takes place across five daily episodes, in which four sets of people from the hospitality industry, try to convince their competitors that their place offers the best value for money.

In the first four episodes of the week, the owners of one of the places hosts the other 3 competitors. In the final episode, at the end of the week, the four owners reveal how much they are prepared to pay for their visits.

Four in a Bed is full of humour, beautiful scenery, intense competition and big, bold characters. It has been consistently successful on Channel 4 since it began in 2010 and the format is an established hit in France and Germany.

These roles are all Manchester based, unless shooting on location. So you must be based in the north or have access to a base there.

Typically for one block of filming there are 2 weeks prep in the office for both PD and Researcher, 1 week prep for most DV Directors then all shoot team roles have 2 weeks shooting on location. DV Directors and Junior Researchers have varying contract lengths.

Role descriptions:


Setting up shoots with a Researcher, writing and directing master IVs and developing and writing shooting scripts. Running a team of 8, including a camera and sound crew, 2 DV Directors, Researchers and Data Wrangler in numerous locations across the country. Working closely with four contributor duos over a two week shoot to produce 5x30' episodes of formatted actuality, dealing with multiple storylines. Potential for seven week edit (which would be London based) to produce a 5 episode block.


Shooting master interviews and sequences on location, both independently and as part of a crew. Working closely with contributors and locations to produce and film actuality. Keeping PD informed of evolving storylines. Rigging and producing in car interviews.


Sourcing and setting up locations whilst managing a budget and working with the PM team to schedule these, pitching activity ideas to senior team. Organising paperwork and keeping note of all B&B rates. Following story points and feeding back information to both PD and DV Director whilst working on location. Liaising with and keeping a good rapport with contributors both in prep weeks and on location. Must be over 21 for insurance purposes.


Driving large vehicles on location. Assisting team with kit and setting up for interviews/GVs. Organising contributor and location release forms. Looking after contributors on location. Must be over 21 for insurance purposes.

  • Producer Director | Openings: 5
  • DV Director | Openings: 10
  • Researcher | Openings: 10
  • Junior Researcher | Openings: 10
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